UIL Academic Sweepstakes Winners

UIL Academics Sweepstakes
Posted on 02/28/2017

Congratulations to our UIL Academics teams for an outstanding job this weekend at the Taft UIL meet. Our school won Sweepstakes, with the highest points awarded overall.  Our Accounting team swept first through 5th place, winning first place team.  Congratulations to 1st place - Kait Karl; 2nd place – Janie Bird; 3rd place – Ivana Guzman; 4th place – Anna Sachtleben; and 5th place – Abigail Morgan.  Congratulations to Computer Application winners: 1st place – Delwe Htoo; and 3rd place – Karen Kaw.  Winning first place team is our computer science team. 1st place – Dylan Alva; 2nd place – Tiffany Lin; 4th place – Andrew Witte; and 6th place – Korbyn Saldivar;  Also winning first place team is our Calculator Applications team, in the senior division: 1st place – Colton Blinka; and 3rd place – Joanna Lu. In the junior division, Alex Liu claimed 2nd place.  Our Social Studies team took 1st place overall with Andrew Witte winning 1st place, Colton Blinka coming in 2nd, and Joanna Lu claiming 3rd place in the event.  Our Mathematics team came home with awards for the 9th grade division with Zoey Lu winning 3rd place; and Sergio Morales in 5th place. Tiffany Lin earned the bronze medal, coming in 3rd place for the senior division.  Anthony Liu earned a 4th place ribbon for 9th grade Number Sense, and Stockton Quirey took 6th place in the junior division.  For Ready Writing, Andrew Witte claimed 4th place, and Savannah Caldera earned the 5th place ribbon.  Also winning 1st place team is the science team. Our 9th grade results are Sergio Morales – 1st place; Zoey Lu – 3rd place; and Hannah Sun – 5th place. Daniel Beaver won 4th place in the sophomore division. Abby Lauderbach took 1st place for 11th grade Science, and Thanh Nguyen placed 3rd in the senior division. Congratulations to Sergio Morales for also winning the top Biology score overall.  Our Spelling and Vocabulary team earned first place overall with Colton Blinka in 1st; Tiffany Lin earning 2nd place; and Alex Liu in 3rd place.  And finally in our journalism events, in feature writing Mauricio Gonzalez won the 5th place ribbon; and we took 1st through 3rd in headline writing with Mauricio Gonzalez in 1st place; Terry Nguyen, 2nd place; and 3rd place went to Tiffany Lee.  Congratulations to all of our UIL Academic participants on a job well done!