Daily Announcements 1-5-2021 
Calhoun High School

Tuesday, January 5, 2021


Happy Belated birthday wishes to Mrs. Amason, Mrs. Whitaker, Mrs. Tinsley and Coach Alvarado

Before school finished in December, members of the Sandcrab band participated in the ATSSB Region Band Tryout.  26 band members made Region Bands and 8 qualified to Area Tryouts.  The following are the area qualifiers: Kary Xu 2nd, flute, Doreen Luo 3rd Flute, Arin Lin 6th flute, Christopher Sanchez 1st Oboe, Caleb Kwi, 7th Clarinet, Jeffrey Liu-1st Baritone Saxophone, Angel Tung-5th Trombone and Bryan Diggs 4th Euphonium.  The following that placed are Alyssa Minjares 9th Flute, Jenna Williams-10th flute, Karlie Acosta-12th flute, Javon Vela-14th clarinet, Nathan Amejorado-19th clarinet, Natalia Torres-28th clarinet, Emily Caylor-5th bassoon, Ian Chen -4th Alto Saxophone, Madison Walker-9th tenor saxophone, Celeste Kwi-12th Trumpet, Seth Sandberg-15th trumpet, Michael Luna -16th trumpet, David Torres-18th trumpet, Troy Sonsel 24th-trumpet, Mia Martinez-8th French horn, Jared Awalt-6th trombone, Derec Chavez-10th trombone and Anissa Sanchez-10th Tuba.  Congrats on a great job!

9th graders, if you did not turn in your registration paperwork you will be given after school detention starting this week.

Menu- Cheese, pepperoni or pesto chicken pizza, hamburger, chicken burger or spicy chicken burger chicken tenders, mashed potatoes, dinner roll, fruits and milk.

Safety tip-While driving a vehicle, never pass through tunnels, on narrow roads or on bridges.
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